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Dental Questions? Dental Answers!

Our dental hotline will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Welcome to Desired Smiles where it's all about you.

When you need family dental care, you want a dentist that provides you with comfortable and convenient services. At Desired Smiles, you will find that all of these things are provided by our professional and courteous staff. You can count on us to take care of all your dental needs.

Relaxing Environment

At Desired Smiles we provide an environment that will help you relax and feel comfortable while you receive your dental treatments. We understand that many people are afraid that there will be some pain associated with dental treatment and we work to alleviate both the pain and the fears. Our team cares about each of our patients and is dedicated to making each patient feel safe and secure. We work with you individually to determine what you need and always treat you gently. In addition we provide you with several sedation choices to help reduce your stress.


We believe that the more you understand about your dental health the better off you are. We work one-on-one with each patient to determine the best treatment path to take, and we value your opinion. We work hard to understand the results you want to achieve and explain the methods we plan to use. Our team of caring dental professionals will never force you to receive a procedure, but we will thoroughly explain why each procedure is being suggested. By treating each patient with sensitivity and understanding, we forge a bond of friendship and trust with each patient.


Bonding Makes Getting a New Smile Quick and Affordable

If you would love to improve your smile but don't think that you can afford veneers, you might believe that you're out of options. However, with cosmetic bonding, we can give you many of the same aesthetic effects that make veneers attractive, but at a lower price and in just one session. Read More . . .

Invisalign Offers Convenient and Subtle Smile Straightening

Many people have been deterred from getting braces because of the pain, inconvenience, or cosmetic appearance. If you're part of this group, Invisalign may be the perfect choice for you. Invisalign provides all of the benefits of braces without the hassle or obvious appearance. Read More . . .

Orthodontic Treatments Create an Attractive, Healthy Smile

Everyone knows that having teeth straightened can produce a more appealing smile. However, people often forget that the procedure can also prevent the oral health problems associated with teeth that aren't aligned properly, such as jaw pain, difficulty talking or chewing, and increased risk of infection. Whether you want to improve your child's oral health or give your own smile a makeover, we have a number of solutions for you. Read More . . .

Put Forward Your Best Smile With Veneers

A smile is a memorable feature and a key part of a first impression, which is why many people dream of having flawless, dazzling smiles. If your smile doesn't live up to your wishes, but you don't want to overspend or endure a painful procedure, veneers may be the solution for you. Read More . . .

Get Fast, Dazzling Results with Tooth Whitening

There are many available tooth whitening products that promise a clean white smile, but if you've tried any of them out for yourself, you know that the results are not exactly stunning. Sometimes, they're barely noticeable. Read More . . .

Everything You Need

You can find all of the dental services your family needs at Desired Smiles. We offer many of the dental services you may require. This allows our staff to get to know your mouth, no matter what is needed. Whether you need general care for your children's teeth, orthodontics for your teens or yourself, cosmetic treatments for a better smile, or even gum surgery, we provide those services here for you. Our team support is strong and we truly care about each of our patients.

Call Desired Smiles today to set up an appointment for a consultation about your teeth and get the smile you have always desired.

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Dr. Walter Heidary

Dr Walter Heidary

Ernst & Young - Entrepeneur of the Year - 2013 Finalist

Desired Smiles is proudly located in Burlington, Ontario, and is thrilled to serve the surrounding areas of Oakville, Hamilton, Mississaga, Milton and Toronto.

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